The Soul
Master Class 

With Dr. Tyris Ford, & J'ahmad Emanuel.
Your Wealth & Wellness Team!

An Overview of what you will learn

Activate Your Body's Healing Abilities!

Feel the best than you've felt in years!
Learn about the dynamics of your body's healing system that can be optimized by using the holistic elements of having a healthy nature! Dr. Ford's wellness methods are designed with your whole self in mind.   

Remove Stress Related to Work and Goals!

Exercise your imagination and reconnect with your source of creativity. Learn how to release tension related to work by using powerful mind and confidence-building techniques used by top executives.

Reinvent Your Life and Vision!

Design your new life of Wealth and Good Health! Feel empowered and free to make decisions that align with what's best for you in life. Learn easy processes of how to plan for your goals with a strong sense of success and clarity.

Create Your Soul Wellness Lifestyle!

"You could never fail when your Soul is Well." -Anonymous
Sit with our Soul Wellness experts and create a daily successful routine that will empower lifestyle changes that increase and maintain a healthy and abundant life.

More about the Master Class

What's Included:

The Soul Wellness Master Class is a program created for the purpose of provided education and techniques that increase good health and wealth amongst leaders and professionals.

 3 - 90 Min Sessions per month!

(Remote Meetings With the Team)

Sessions with Dr. Ford and J'ahmad are via Zoom app.
We as a team will be working on wellness in every area of your life. Your mental health, career, relationships and goals in life. This time will be healing and filled with great connections to your true self!

The Soul Wellness Course Book!

(Healing Education Resource)

You will receive course and written materials designed for you to excel in the program and make learning how to commit to your new healthy and wealthy lifestyle a breeze.

J'ahmadism - L.I.T.E.

(J'ahmad's Newest Book!)

This book was written to empower you with clear messages of how to succeed through any opportunity or obstacle.

The Wellness Box

(Healing Tools You Can Use)

We will be sending you your very own gift set with different tools that will help you continue to shift to your full potential. 

Session Recordings

(Your Own Wellness Archive)

We will be sending you every session for your own memories and you can continue to build with the conversations right at your reach. 

Expert Wellness Notes

(Life Changing Messages)

As we go through the process Dr. Ford and J'ahmad will be receiving guided messages for you and we will take them down to deliver after each session. This will help keep the program personally designed for you.

One Soul Wealth Reading

(A Bonus Gift From Ty and J'ahmad)

Let's Keep the work flowing! After gaining clarity over your entire program, Dr. Ford and J'ahmad can meet with you again and do an intuitive scan of your life to be sure everything is falling into place. 

Dr. Tyris Ford

Dr. Tyris “Ty” Ford is a Doctor of Nursing Practice board-certified Nurse Practitioner practicing in the District of Columbia and Maryland, and the proud owner and medical director of TNJ Direct Primary Care. Dr. Ford is certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and American Nurses Credentialing Center. His private practice prioritizes uplifting the overall health and wellness of African American and people of color, as well as LGBTQIA+ primary health care. In addition, he teaches nursing students and nurse practitioners from various universities to help them develop their nursing skills to deliver exceptional care to the communities they serve. 

You can find him online at or @_DocTyFord

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J'ahmad Emanuel

J'ahmad is a certified Life Purpose Coach, Branding and Marketing Expert, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and one of the most sought-after Speakers, and Soul therapists in America. He is known as "The Genius" and The Psychic Best Friend for how he is able to help his clients create more success in their businesses, personal relationships and overall life. 

You can find him online at or @mysticJahmad

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